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ATV & UTV Tours

Get dirty exploring Costa Rica's jungles & beaches!

ATV & UTV & Tour Details

ATV & UTV Tours Tamarindo, Costa Rica – explore the beach, forest and mountains on our ATV and UTV tours. Drive through the small surf towns which lie within the legendary Guanacaste region. This tour provides an exhilarating way to explore all the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. Experience our ATV and UTV tours in Tamarindo today!

You are provided all of the necessary equipment to spend a day cruising along rugged trails and romping through dry tropical forest. The tour will lead you along Guanacaste’s stunningly beautiful beaches where you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel; After the beach we take you up into the mountains where you’ll pass through Gunacaste’s gorgeous forests full of Guanacaste, Pochote and Teak trees.

There is no better way to explore Tamarindo, Costa Rica than on your own 4×4 ATV or UTV. Join us as we ditch the tourist map and explore the real Costa Rica.

Rain or shine, our ATV or UTV tours cater to the adventurous traveler not content with the sights on the regular tourist routes. Tamarindo ATV tours take you into the bush, along the beach, under the canopy of the forest and through rivers and streams otherwise inaccessible by normal means.

Explore Costa Rica’s beaches, rainforests, remote villages and wildlife while driving your own ATV or UTV. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, where you’re from, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned ATV veteran, we have the off-road adventure for you!

Tours run at 9 AM, 12 PM and 3 PM.

Tour Includes

  • fully equipped ATV
  • safety helmet
  • bilingual guide
  • What To Bring
  • Comfortable, light clothing that you are not worried about damaging
  • A change of clothes for after the tour
  • Sneakers or closed toe shoes are mandatory

Please Note

Children 5 & under are free, 16 and under must ride as passengers (charged as passenger, not as a driver). Children 16 years and older can drive their own ATV. Children under 16 not allowed to drive an ATV. They are allowed only as an extra passenger.

Our ATV Tours are very different in the rainy and dry seasons – Tamarindo is extremely dry during the dry season and there is little or no mud or water. We do our best to ensure each tour is a great experience for all of our guests, regardless of the weather. If you have any questions about the weather conditions please let us know before booking your tour.

Please note: ATV tours require a minimum of two people each riding an ATV. We can not run a tour with only two people sharing one ATV.

ATV TOUR Pricing

Prices below include the $10/person discount

2 Hour ATV Tour
Single – $70 $80
Double – $90 $100

3 Hour ATV Tour
Single – $90 $100
Double – $120 $130

4 Hour ATV Tour
Single – $110 $120
Double – $150 $160

5 Hour ATV Tour
Single – $130 $140
Double – $180 $190

6 Hour ATV Tour
Single – $150 $160
Double – $210 $220

ATV + Zip Line Combo
Add $40 per person

ATV + Horseback Combo
Add $35 per person

UTV TOUR Pricing

Prices below include the $20/person discount

2 Hour UTV Tour
1 Driver & 1 Passenger – $160 $180
1 Driver & 2 Passenger – $180 $200
1 Driver & 3 Passenger – $200 $220

3 Hour UTV Tour
1 Driver & 1 Passenger – $200 $220
1 Driver & 2 Passenger – $220 $240
1 Driver & 3 Passenger – $240 $260

4 Hour UTV Tour
1 Driver & 1 Passenger – $240 $260
1 Driver & 2 Passenger – $260 $280
1 Driver & 3 Passenger – $280 $300

5 Hour UTV Tour
1 Driver & 1 Passenger – $280 $300
1 Driver & 2 Passenger – $300 $320
1 Driver & 3 Passenger – $320 $340

6 Hour UTV Tour
1 Driver & 1 Passenger – $320 $340
1 Driver & 2 Passenger – $340 $360
1 Driver & 3 Passenger – $360 $380

3 Hour UTV Night Tour Starts at 4 PM
1 Driver & 1 Passenger – $200 $220
1 Driver & 2 Passenger – $220 $240
1 Driver & 3 Passenger – $240 $260


We accept payment in US dollars and Colones. We can not accept payment by credit card, sorry for any inconvenience!

TOUR Details

2 Hour - Playa Puerto Viejo (Conchal)

A quick adventure out of Tamarindo to Playa Puerto Viejo riding through back roads and surrounding small towns on dirt roads and trails through tropical dry forest. There is also a 30 minute stop at the Beach Bar El Encanto just enough time for a quick swim and a drink.

3 Hour - Bahia De Los Pirates

This is Tamarindo’s most popular tour with enough time to visit Puerto Viejo beach and Playa Real (Bahia De Los Pirates). Riding through tropical dry forest and back roads past small river beds, you will get some great photos in these amazing two spots. A must when in Tamarindo.

4 Hour - Playa Minas and Zapotillal

If you are wanting to explore more, this ride is for you! You will visit the spots on the 2 and 3 hour tour, plus Playa Minas. This secluded beach in Guanacaste has soft tan sand and stunning clear water with a great lookout point on the side of the cliff overlooking the bay.

5 Hour - Brasilito and Punta Pelencho

Spend half a day riding and exploring down back roads and trails, and some beach riding over at Punta Pelencho. There is also a stop in Brasilito, a small authentic Costa Rican beach town. On this tour you also stop at all the locations that are on the 2, 3 and 4 hour tours.

6 Hour - Full Day Ride to Play Flamingo

On this full day ride you will visit all the must see beaches out of Tamarindo all the way north to Playa Flamingo. This is a complete experience riding to all of the other stops from the 2 to t hour tours, going through river crossings, back roads, trails and passing through the little towns of Guanacaste.

No matter what kind of adventure you're after, Action Tours has a once in a lifetime experience waiting for you!

ATV Tours

Adventure seekers will love our awesome ATV Tours – just read our reviews on Trip Advisor to see what our guests have to say! If you want to explore Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches, rivers and mangroves we also offer Stand Up Paddle Board Tours, Kayak Tours and Surf Lessons.

Tamarindo Tours

Relaxation seekers will fall in love with our amazing Sunset Cruise – with an open bar, snorkelling from a catamaran and a stunning Tamarindo sunset all wrapped up into one great experience.

And if you just can’t decide, we offer Full Day Combo Tours that include just about everything – including horseback riding, waterfalls, mud baths and tubing. We can even put together a custom tour with exactly the awesome activities you want to do.

We have so many amazing tours, you’ll want to come back again and again. There’s no better place to book tours in Tamarindo.